Online Casino FAQs

For those who are new to the world of online casinos, a little information can go a long way toward getting comfortable with navigating a new gaming environment. To that end, here are answers to some common questions that newcomers have when they first approach online gaming.

Q. Why should I play at an online casino rather than a traditional one?

A. Perhaps the most obvious advantage of the online gaming venue is its accessibility. Rather than having to schedule time away from home and work, and budget for travel to a geographic location where gaming is allowed, you can enjoy your favorite games from the convenience and comfort of your own home computer. Without the costs of travel and lodging, your gaming resources can be devoted entirely to the gaming itself. And without the necessity of journeying to a gaming location, you can enjoy your gaming at any time. You can sharpen your gaming skills or simply enjoy the experience of gaming any time at all. Win Palace is a great casino to try the online casino experience now! And the best part is, it's one of the few online casinos that accept US players.

Q. How do I know if an online casino is a legitimate establishment and a safe place for me to enjoy my gaming?

A. Unfortunately, the anonymous and remote nature of the internet does make it possible for "rogue" establishments to set up shop and cheat gamers of their funds, and get away with it for at least a time. And unfortunately, there are rogue casinos that have done exactly that. Fortunately, there are precautions a gamer can take to avoid falling prey to these unscrupulous establishments. Fortunately, the online environment also allows for the quick dissemination of shared information among members of the gaming community, and members of that community are quick to share information about illegitimate operations and scams. There are a number of online gaming forums where gamers share negative experiences with rogue casinos and compile information to blacklist those casinos that don't treat gamers fairly. There are also watchdog organizations which compile similar information on crooked casinos and create warning lists of operations to be avoided. The legitimate casinos, too, support these watchdog functions, recognizing that it's in the interests of the industry as a whole to quickly quash those sham imitations that would give the business of online gaming an undeservedly negative name.

As you're making a choice of which online casino to enter and play, a little online research will go a long way. Read gamers' reviews of the casino you have in mind, to make sure there aren't an abundance of negative experiences such as unresponsiveness to customer service inquiries, delays in payouts, rigged games, refusal to pay bonuses, or rejection of players' requests to cash out accounts. Read through the established blacklists posted by watchdog and casino groups, but also take a few minutes to search in online gamers' forums for any negative mentions of that casino, in case it's new on the scene and hasn't yet made the blacklists. There are certifications for online casinos, but rogue establishments have been known to post false logos or certifications on their websites in order to appear legitimate, so even if you see such a logo, take a moment to cross-check.

There are some casinos with well-established histories in the world of online gaming, and it's easy enough to view their histories of trustworthiness and customer satisfaction, awards won, and general track record in the business. An online casino with a reputable history will have that history noted in venues other than the casino's own website. A small amount of upfront research on your part can assure you that your choice of casino will be a legitimate, safe, and enjoyable place for you to play.

Q. What's the best way to handle electronic financial transactions with a casino?

A. There are a number of online money management systems which have been developed specifically for the purpose of facilitating financial transactions between players and online casinos. Although you can generally use your credit card directly with an online casino, there are notable advantages to using a financial service instead. You can transfer funds from your credit card or bank account into your private account with the financial service, and then when you make deposits at a casino, you're not risking your private financial information, since your credit card number and bank account information won't be exposed at the casino itself. The financial service enables you to track your transactions and check your balance at any moment, and provide you with additional privacy since your individual transactions aren't listed on a credit card or bank account statement. Online financial services have tremendous levels of online security and encryption in place, guaranteeing the safety of your gaming funds, and because they're specifically designed for online casino transactions, it's a simple matter to make deposits to and withdrawals from a particular casino, easily managing your gaming funds from a central location online. You can check the track records of individual services, such as Neteller and Click2Pay, and check that a particular service is accepted for use in the casino where you wish to play. More information about ewallets, just click here

Q. What's the deal with the sign-up and welcome bonuses I see online casinos offering to new players?

A. The sign-up bonuses offered by a legitimate casino are genuine and often generous, but it's important for a new player to understand how they work, so as not to be taken by surprise later on. It's often the case that a sign-up bonus is a "sticky" bonus, meaning that it sticks to the player's account and can't be withdrawn as cash. This is a simple safeguard on the part of the casinos, who don't wish players to sign up just to collect and cash out the bonuses and walk away with that money at the casino's expense. The casino, of course, wants you to play, and these bonuses are offered as an incentive to get a new player to do just that. You may not be able to cash out the bonus itself, but you can wager and play with that money, as well as your own, and you can cash out the winnings you score when playing with the bonus money. The different casinos handle their bonuses in different ways, so it's worth your time to read the terms of your own bonus so you understand the conditions of play, allowing you to make the most of your bonus in your playing strategy. Try out your new strategy at Spin Palace.

Q. What types of games are available in an online casino?

A. One of the beauties of online gaming is the availability of nearly any kind of game you would enjoy in a traditional casino. (Another bonus is that you never need to wait in line to play your favorite game or machine!) Gaming software developers have gone to great lengths to offer online variations of all the popular games to which casino gamers are accustomed, including blackjack, roulette, craps, poker, slot machines, and dozens of others. There are dozens of choices even within each of the categories, such as different themes of slot games, and different styles of play (multiplier, bonus multiplier, buy-a-pay, progressive, and so on). With fanciful and imaginative themes and all the latest in technological development and graphics, the games themselves are entertaining even aside from their winning potential.

The creative graphic design of these games, provided by top-online casino software companies such as Playtech, RTG, NetEnt and Microgaming enables you to enjoy the full experience, sometimes even in three dimensions, and you can select from a wide variety of individual games within each category. Slot machine games come in dozens of whimsical themes, with different types of bonus play or progressive jackpots. Poker tables, where players interact in real time with real opponents, are available for every variation of poker, offering tournaments and bonus play, and even free games for those who want to sharpen their skills or play for fun before playing with actual wagers. Whatever your favorite games at a traditional casino, you'll be able to find it in an online casino, often with more available options, and always without a wait.

Q. What are the perks for VIP players at online casinos, and how can I become one?

A. Online casinos offer perks which are, by and large, more useful and beneficial to players than the perks often offered at traditional casinos. Traditional brick and mortar casinos, after all, has to entice players to physically travel to their gaming tables, so their incentives often take the form of expensive travel coupons, comped room suites, buffet tickets, and other bonuses designed to diminish the barriers gamers perceive in their ability to visit the casino itself. Because of the instantly accessible nature of the online casinos, they don't have the need to expend all these resources to wrangle gamers to a different geographical location, and they're free to offer different types of bonuses. In place of free rooms, drinks, or limo rides, an online casino is more likely to offer actual cash bonuses to be used at the gaming tables—which, in truth, is a perk with more substantial lasting value to the player.

Online players can earn their way into the VIP or high roller club by accumulating comp points, which are earned by playing at the casino. The comp points themselves can be converted to cash to be used for play in the games, and once a player gains entry to the VIP level of play, the comp points are often converted at a higher exchange rate, meaning you get more money in return for your play. You might also score bonuses in the form of free entry to tournaments, expensive gifts like iPads, televisions, or free trips, and you can enjoy the personal services of a VIP manager personally assigned to you to act as a concierge of sorts, ensuring that your gaming experience is an enjoyable one.

Q. What are the "progressive jackpots" I see offered at online casinos?

A. A progressive jackpot is a game where a number of games are connected to a single prize pot, which builds and builds as all those games are played. Every player's wagering contributes to the pot, and every player participating in the progressive game is eligible to win that jackpot. Progressive jackpots can be played with slot machines, where wagers in all of the connected machines combine to build the size of the prize, or with table games like poker and blackjack, where player wagers contribute to the rapidly growing jackpot. In addition to the winnings of the game itself, players have the added chance of hitting the big jackpot and cashing in a giant prize. Without any additional risk, a progressive jackpot positions you for the possibility of a substantial additional win.

Q. How do tournaments work in an online casino?

A. Players of various games can add to the interest of a game, and the potential winnings, by participating in a tournament of play. A slots tournament involves a set period of play, in which participants compete for points during play, and the leader at the end of play wins a tournament prize in addition to the winnings at the slots themselves. In an online poker tournament, players compete as they would at the gaming tables of a traditional casino, and the winning player who remains after all the others are eliminated wins the tournament prizes. Tournaments may be scheduled in advance, with participants registering and paying an entrance fee, or may be of the "Sit and Go" variety, where players can sign up at any time, and the play starts as soon as the required number have registered. The sit and go tournaments are convenient for those who enjoy the spontaneity of being able to play on a whim, or find themselves with time to play when they haven't pre-registered for a tournament.

Q. Can I gain entry to really prestigious poker tournaments by playing online?

A. Absolutely! Just a few years ago, the World Poker Championship was won by a previously unknown player whose prior play had been almost exclusively in the online venues. His win demonstrated beyond a doubt that the online venue is legitimate as a launching place for a serious bid in the poker world. Certainly one of its advantages, in this context, is the ongoing availability of the venue for a player who wishes to add experience and continue sharpening the playing skills which could lead to a big win.

The ever-evolving casino software platforms allow for an engaging and interactive experience at the online poker tables, including interactive graphics, the ability to chat and interact with other players, and in some instances the use of webcams to add the interpersonal element of viewing the other players rather than just their avatars. Players can choose from any number of poker variations, including the ever-popular Texas Hold'em, Stud Poker, Omaha, and even the less common games like Razz.

Q. Can I access a mobile casino from my smart phone or mobile device?

A. From their very inception, online casinos have kept abreast of technological developments and been quick to put them to use to enhance the gaming experience online. This is true with the recent advent of smart phone technology, and a player can now access an internet browser from the convenience of a pocket sized device which travels absolutely anywhere. A player now can access a casino and play a favorite game even during a lunch break, from the handy hand-held platform of a mobile phone. In addition to the universal internet access offered by these phones, many casinos and individual games now offer downloadable apps for your phones and mobile devices, allowing you to begin play with a simple touch of the screen.

Q. How do payouts on games like slot machines compare between online casinos and their traditional counterparts?

A. Online casinos actually pay out at a higher percentage rate than traditional casinos. Once again, factor in the reality that the online casino doesn't have the overhead costs of a brick and mortar casino, meaning that they can afford to set the return rates higher on their slot games. Where the highest averaging Las Vegas casinos pay out at a rate no more than 95% (and many casinos' slot machines are set at much lower pay rates) the average online slot machines run closer to 98%. This means a player will fare better at the slots even without a playing strategy, and a strategic player stands to win even more with online play.

Q. Where can I find additional help or answers about gaming online?

A. Gamers who are new to the venue of online casinos can find support and answers in any of the many gaming forums available online, and populated by experienced gamers who are happy to share their knowledge. You can also ask questions of the customer support services of a particular casino, and a quick and helpful response from customer service will help to affirm your choice of that casino as a suitable venue for your play. You can get great customer service at a fantastic online casino - Mr Green.